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Shamoun Syed

“Maven Youth taught me that I was worth it." 

Shamoun's Words

I always considered myself a quiet person. Life had trained me to keep things to myself, even if  that meant hiding away from the world and all the scary people in it. This had a profound impact on my self-esteem; I didn’t really like who I was, and sometimes I didn’t even know who  I was. In fact, I was doubtful that someone like me could ever find happiness, success, or even  love. In so many ways that I can’t count, Maven Youth began – and continues – to challenge that perspective. 

Maven Youth taught me that I was worth it. That every young person had the power to do good  and to be good, no matter how strongly we doubted ourselves. I learned very quickly that I was  NOT a quiet person as I began to open up to the world. Maven fostered a safe and inclusive  space for me to simply exist as myself, and then invited me to learn and grow further from the  youth around me. I learned how to teach, to facilitate, to care for and connect with diverse peers to achieve amazing goals. In short, I became a leader. 


Through the skills and connections I gained at Maven Youth, I was ultimately able to kick off my  career and land an entry level Software Engineering role at LinkedIn. As I wake up to the bright  new challenges of each day, I know I have Maven Youth to thank for equipping me to boldly go onward with courage and compassion.

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