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2021 Youth Leaders

Maven Youth Trainers


I am 20 years old, I love watching anime, marvel/dc or anything superhero related, and playing games from mortal kombat, to dead by daylight to pokemon. Some hobbies of mine include writing poetry, story writing, gaming, and walking (pokemon go). I have attended maven two times and it is always such a fun experience. This is my first year as a youth leader and I am very excited to be apart of this.

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Hey everyone! I'm Ava, I'm 19, and I'm a computer science major from Austin, Texas. I have experience with Python and Ren'py, and this is my third year working as a youth leader for Maven Youth. I loved my time as a camper, and I'm excited to be part of Maven's programming again! In my spare time, I like reading and knitting. I'm looking forward to meeting you all this summer!


My name is Nico. I'm 19 years old and nonbinary identifying. I love teaching people things and also learning from them along the way. I'm a performer and currently live in New York.

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Hi! My name is Atlas! I’m a 17 year old trans artist and programmer! I enjoy playing games with my friends-- especially Genshin Impact recently! In my free time, I also enjoy doing community service and learning languages! I hope to be able to go into a career involving both the arts and technology! B-]


Xuan (they/he) is an artist and advocate from Queens, NY, and one of the camp leaders for Maven Youth this summer. They are passionate about fighting for racial and economic justice, and have developed curriculum and facilitated for nonprofits and conferences across NYC. In their spare time, Xuan loves to watch Chinese dramas, read manga, and go down research rabbit holes.


Hey, I'm Jade! At the moment, I'm a CS degree-holding software developer.I make all kinds of things for fun, from software tools, to cosplay props, to podcasts! I have a tendency to slip into various accents, but mostly those hailing from the UK. If you've ever got some sort of technical question, I am probably your girl.


Hey! My name is Mingxin (I also go by Ming), I use he/him pronouns, and this summer, I will be college-bound. This is my second year working with Maven Youth. Last year, I was a workshop leader and really enjoyed helping create a safe learning environment for my fellow LGBTQ+ youth! This year, I am a Ren'Py Dev Leader, which means I'll be assisting with the coding portion of the camps. I'm excited to meet everyone!


Hello! I'm Shamoun, I use he/him pronouns. I work as a software engineer apprentice at LinkedIn, which was largely made possible through the amazing work of Maven Youth! I've participated as a camper and leader for several years now, and each time has been a unique experience that really inspires a fresh perspective on technology, my own strengths, and social justice. I Please feel free to send me recommendations for games/shows, always looking for something new! 


Hi everyone!  I use He/Him pronouns. I love all kinds of video games and anime, as well as overly dramatic teen dramas. Through Maven Youth, I’ve grown so much as a person and experienced so many new things I never dreamed I would. I’m so excited to be with you all as we go through this camp together! This will be my third year as a Youth Leader, and I’m passionate to make this the best experience possible for you all!


Hi! I'm Helia (she/her) and I'll be a third year university student starting this fall. In my free time I like to read, write, and embroider, though I also usually end up using that free time doing absolutely nothing :-) Things that make me happy include pictures of cats hugging and the sunset or clouds reflecting off glass buildings.


Hello! I'm Sock I'm 18, I use They/Them and He/Him pronouns. I like to play the ukulele, draw and explore random places. I love coding and video games. This is my second year youth leading, I love this camp and the people involved with it!  (He/They)


My name’s Pothos! I’m an aroace non-binary 19 year old and my pronouns are he/they/fae so switch it up. I love art, anime, cartoons and video games and always have growing up. Anime heavily inspired my love for visual novels and after doing 2019 camp, I’m super excited to do it again. :)

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Hi Everyone! My name is Marley, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm excited to meet you all this summer. I'm non-binary, consider myself aroace, and I'm 18. I'll be working as both a regular camp leader and a Ren'Py leader this year, so it'll be an adventure! This will be my first year leading, although I've attended both the 2019 SF camp and the 2020 camp.


I live in Texas and use They/He pronouns. My first experience with Maven was in 2016 as a camper. Since then I have had the opportunity to be a camp leader, intern and serve on the National Maven Youth Council Board. In my free time you might find me roller skating, thrift shopping or caring for my foster pets (dogs and ducks). My true passion is creating positive change in the communities I care about and am beyond excited to be a youth leader this year! See you at camp!

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