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Building LGBT+ 
Tech Leaders
For Social Change Impact

Our Impact Solutions 

We partner with local LGBT+ youth serving organizations and LGBT+ tech professionals to provide free tech camps for LGBT+ youth between the ages of 14-19.

LGBT+ Youth Tech Camps transform the tech sector through consciousness raising and collaborative partnerships while providing LGBT+ youth opportunity to explore careers in the tech sector.

Our virtual workshops are led by LGBT+ youth for LGBT+ youth.  These virtual workshops build upon our virtual camps to provide a safe space for LGBT+ youth to connect other youth across the country while building their tech competencies and meeting LGBT+ tech professionals.

We develop the next generation of LGBT+ leaders through skill and confidence building to lead peer workshops and camps, leadership retreats, and by serving on a national leadership council. These leadership development opportunities elevate LGBT+ youth as equity-driven leaders in our community. 

Maven Youth provides intentional mentorship, internship, and apprenticeship programs to support young adults eager to deepen their skills, knowledge, and networks.  We work to pair young adults with tech professionals who can guide and inspire them along their desired career pathway.


Maven Youth believes youth have the ability to create the social change and tech tools they need to thrive.  We provide the opportunity and resources for them to build and envision what is possible.

Our programming is designed for LGBT+ youth to co-create and co-lead their peers in career exploration.

All of this is made possible by the support from our tech company partners and their employees who volunteer to mentor, co-lead workshops, engage in consciousness raising, and donate to Maven Youth.


Since 2014 Maven Youth has been investing in LGBT+ Youth Leaders to have access to STEM opportunities.  We believe the inclusion of the LGBT+ community in the tech landscape will diversify tech inclusion for all communities. Maven Youth work alongside youth and tech professionals to ensure the transfer of intersectionality and cross generational tech inclusion. Each new generation of young leaders have the potential of becoming tech leaders if given the safe opportunity to thrive. To hear about our personal impact on youth, see our testimonials page.

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